A question that many are asking is "What is Future Mobility?" 

Future Mobility, or New Mobility, is simply what will happen to our transportation needs in the future.

Currently the Automotive Industry is going through significant and rapid change, there is huge development on Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Connected Cars and Car Sharing / Ride Sharing, with experts now viewing our transportation needs not just as owning a vehicle, but including the complete picture as Mbility as a service - ie making the best use of our own car, public transportation, taxis / Ride Hailing , Ride Sharing and Rental cars.

In particular, Autonomous Vehicles will totally revolution our society and lifestyles.  For instance, benefits will include:

  • A dramatic reduction in accidents (some forecast by up to 80%) and consequently many millions of lives saved
  • A significant reduction in transport costs from reduced vehicle expenses and insurance premiums
  • Reduction in time taken for deliveries
  • A huge improvement in mobility for the disabled and elderly
  • Freeing up of time spent commuting to do other activities


However, there are many other effects that are less obvious:

  • What will the effect on dealerships be?
  • What happens to traffic and road congestion?
  • Will our vehicles be secure from cyber attack?


Vision Mobility's specialty in the world of New Mobility is understanding how dealerships and OEMs need to be prepared and adapt on a Sales and Marketing front to ensure their business remains viable for many years to come.   Our industry knowledge, contact base and business acumen will allow you to stay ahead and make the most of the coming opportunities.