Matthew McKenzie - Area Sales Manager (ASM) at Toyota Canada Inc.

During my time at Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) as a Subject Matter Expert, I had numerous opportunities to work with James in his role as an Area Sales Manager during national training tours.

James’ role was to open the classroom session providing attendees with expert analysis on industry sales, market conditions, best practises and trends delivered via an in-depth presentation that he himself would develop.

At each occasion, James demonstrated his acute knowledge of and passion for the automotive industry with his thoroughly researched presentations, excellent public speaking skills and engaging personality. I also appreciated James’ insistence on working collaboratively with me. He consistently made sure that we met in advance of a tour to ensure that his material was relevant to my own with the view of enhancing the student experience.

I also relied on James to assist me in engaging with the students throughout the day to answer any student questions, speak to any comments and determine if the desired learning outcomes were being achieved. He was an asset in these regards.

It is of no surprise to me that during our mutual time at TCI James and I became close acquaintances. I routinely sought his advice and counsel which always proved well thought out and insightful. I am delighted to endorse James here.